Mercury: According to Roman Mythology, Mercury is represented as the god of commerce and communication. Our organization is more than just a pawn in our industry, we represent the industry’s standard in company culture, integrity, and revenue.

At Mercury Matrix we believe in being the best. We let our results speak for themselves and we believe that our actions are a reflection of our character. We guarantee results for your company as well as growth for our representatives. Our team provides in-person representation for your company, guaranteeing an increase in revenue, market share, and brand recognition. We provide hands on training and merit based progression to insure we not only attract the best but also develop from within. As your needs grow so will our ability to provide solutions.

Our team can only be described as a dominant MATRIX of winners determined to hit massive goals for our clients, our organization, and for ourselves.

There is something powerful that happens when two meet face to face. There is a level a trust that can only be attained by giving eye contact to someone else. There is a feeling of happiness when you see someone else’s smile. This is why we do not use call centers in reaching out to our clients.

We believe in growth based on merit. There is no place for seniority or nepotism with us. We did not get to this point by hiring all of our best friends into management roles or getting money from our parents to start a business. We got to this point through hard work, fostering an incredible atmosphere for our team, and through maintaining integrity through our representation.

And who says we can’t have

a little fun in the process?

People often ask, why open a company in Minnesota?

Best For Business

Minnesota is currently ranked the top state for business in the United States. 16 Fortune 500 companies have chosen the Twin Cities to be the home of their headquarters.


There are nearly 40 colleges and universities just in the metropolitan area.


Not to mention this one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Let’s take the next step and work together!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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