I’m just going to start by saying May the 4th be with you!

In honor of Star Wars Day I want to discuss the latest installment and how it oddly it sums up a lot of my views on entrepreneurship.

In the newest episode, we meet Ray, the newest Jedi. Watching her development to become one of the strongest Jedi’s ever known made me realize her journey is similar to an inexperienced professional developing into an entrepreneur. Although, we don’t use light sabers we are familiar with the force and may be Jedi Masters in our own right. To prove my theory here are 7 ways Entrepreneurs are really Jedi’s taking over our galaxy:

Being a Jedi and an Entrepreneur is a calling:

There are many things in life that are a choice. I don’t personally believe that entrepreneurship falls into that category. I am an entrepreneur. I have felt the pull of entrepreneurship my entire life. Whether it was playing sports in school, a group project, or being part of a club in college. I have always desired to be a leader. I was never meant to follow. I was never meant to be an employee. In Star Wars Jedi are born with the force. It isn’t something that they choose.

Many entrepreneurs have a background in sports, music, etc. It isn’t necessarily clear whether or not they are all natural leaders, but it is clear that they are all risk takers. This is quite possibly the strongest attribute of an entrepreneur and a Jedi.

They possess a ‘never give up’ mentality

Successful entrepreneurs focus all their efforts toward the mission at hand. They become ‘addicted’ to their goals and develop a strong mentality to accomplish them. Ray never wanted to give up on waiting for her parents to come home. She is determined to find them and as we see her climbing the mountain toward Luke Skywalker at the end of the episode we know there is nothing that is going to hold her back.

(I have my own thoughts on who her parents are, but I’m sure you don’t want any random spoilers.)

They have to make decisions about what type of leaders they want to be

Everyone in life has to make choices, but the choices that a Jedi or entrepreneur must make will have a powerful impact on those that they are leading. There seems to be a clear evolutionary process that Jedi go through on their path. It is abundantly clear that the leader of the Light is Luke Skywalker and the Supreme Leader that appears in a hologram giving orders to his lieutenants is the leader of the dark side. Luke did not begin as the hope for the galaxy and he was tempted by the dark side many times but he evoled by following what was best for his people.

Entrepreneurs must also go through an evolution in order for them to reach the pinnacle of their field.

If an entrepreneur’s goals are purely to make a lot of money and dominate their market, they will inevitably make decisions that will lead them to the dark side. This can often be seen in characters in other movies like “The Wolf of Wall street”, “Wall street”, “Scarface”, “The Godfather”, “American Gangster”. The leaders in these movies were able to become extremely successful, but their success came at a cost. Many times they lost their friends, families, positions. In the end they always lost their empire.

Entrepreneurs that are driven to the light are not driven by greed, but by something else entirely.

Leaders of the light bring out the best in others around them. They often represent the underdog. They are driven primarily by their principles. They never think about the money, because they aren’t doing it for the money. They are doing it to change the world for the better. As a result, they are often compensated well financially. Movies that could describe these characters would be The Pursuit of Happiness, Money Ball etc. These characters would all be considered leaders in their own right. None of them were driven by money. They were driven to help someone else. As a result of their altruistic drive, they all created a great deal of wealth.

They had a catalyst.

This would be some type of experience that gave them a purpose. The Jedi are leaders of the light for the people of the Galactic Republic. As the last Jedi it is Luke’s responsibility to train new Jedi to use the force and regain peace. I have a purpose. My purpose in life is to create new entrepreneurs. I do that by setting a great example. I have to be a model of someone that hits all of the goals that they set. I have to help every member of my team hit their goals. If they are willing to put forth the effort, many of them can become entrepreneurs too.

If you are an entrepreneur, this article will make sense to you. I encourage you to join the side of the light. It might not give you the instant gratification that you can get from the dark side, but it is the only side where you can truly change the world for the better. To me it is a reason life is worth living and it gives me a purpose to help young Padawans make the world a better place.

~ Julian Thomas of

PS: I can’t wait for the next movie to come out!